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Latest Order shows the latest incoming orders in your VirtueMart v1.1.x eCommerce Solution. The orders will be presented in the backend cPanel for easy administration. It's also possible to print orders from the the cPanel.

Lots of different settings could be applied to customize the view according to your needs. The number of orders shown can be selected. The Ordering can also be done by id, status, total price or create/update date. Any or all of the following type of orders can be selected Pending, Confirmed, Canceled, Refunded and Shipped orders.

It's also possible to select what type of columns that is going to be shown on the cPanel the following can be selected Printable, Link, Company Name, Customers Name, Order ID, Order Status, Carrier, Shipping, Order Value or Order Date.

The module position should be cPanel for this module to show up in the administration backend.


Joomla v1.5.x
VirtueMart 1.1.x


Show Orders on cPanel mark
Print Orders from cPanel mark
Control Shown Fields mark
Select Ordering mark


Version Date Size Compatibility License Price File
1.0.0 2010-02-15  8,46kB (17 kB) Compat icon 1 5  GPLv2 FREE