Shopper Group Extension

Shopper Group Extension is an addon for VirtueMart to expand the functionality and add features around access control, personalization and e-commerce management.

Shopper Group Extension will change the access system for VirtueMart and make it possible to control the functionalities based on Shopper Group. As default in VirtueMart Shopper Group can control price list used. Shopper Group Extension will also make it possible to manipulate prices based on a fixed percentage from a base price.

Shopper Group Extension will also control the accessibility for each product, discount, payment method or shipping method based on Shopper Group. This mean that individual functionalities could be used in the same shop for different Shopper Groups. This ACL system will change the way your VirtueMart installation works, perfect for any B2B installation.

Other features included into Shopper Group Extension is the possibility to control warehouses. This feature makes it possible to give a specific group of users pre access to a product or control stock levels based on location.

Shopper Group Extension is a huge adaptation of VirtueMart for a more adaptive competitive market and will give VirtueMart functions that is usually found in expensive enterprise web shop solutions.

Shopper Group Extension will also speed up the request done on the page and it does also include a new cache feature never before seen in VirtueMart.

Shopper Group Extension has been installed on more then 2000 e-commerce shops since 2004. Shopper Group Extension was original designed for VirtueMart 1.0, but was recoded from the ground up for VirtueMart 1.5.


Software Minimum Requirements Recommended Latest Option Website
MySQL 3.23.x 5.0.x+ 5.5.19 http://www.mysql.org
PHP 5.x 5.3.x+ 5.4.0 http://www.php.org
Apache 1.3.x 2.2.x+ 2.2.21 http://www.apache.org
mod_rewrite -
cURL - 7.23.1 7.23.1 http://curl.haxx.se
Joomla! 1.5.1 1.5.25 1.5.25 http://www.joomla.org
VirtueMart 1.1.1 1.1.9 1.1.9 http://www.virtuemart.org




Shopper Group Extension is a Component for Joomla v1.5.x, that patches the VirtueMart eCommerce Solution v1.1.x.

Version Date Size Compatibility License Price File
1.1.9 2012-04- Compat icon 1 5 GPLv2
1.1.8 RC3 2011-04-12 361 kB (1,41MB) Compat icon 1 5 GPLv2 FREE
1.1.5 RC2a 2010-11-10 321 kB (1,22MB) Compat icon 1 5 GPLv2 FREE