We are a technology consulting firm that provides web application development and enterprise extensions for 3rd party applications. We focus on building modern state of the art systems, embracing good ideas and delivering elegant solutions.

What do we do

We specialize in helping other companies to better deliver state of the art applications to their customers. To learn more about how we can help you and your organization, Contact Us.

Our philosophy

We start with goal-driven business development — we want to understand what’s valuable to you and your customer before we begin. We then execute with design-driven product development — we want to know what a product will look like and how it will work before we start building it. We build and launch with test-driven software development — we want to ensure ongoing quality and a successful post-launch existence for the applications we build.

We are an Open Source software development company focused on delivering state of the art solutions to meet our customers need at various critical business stages. We provide customized Open Source implementations to reduce complexity as well as business costs.

Our products are commonly released under a Open Source model to insure the possibility to evaluate the products before incorporate them into your or your customers business environment.

We supports the Open Source community by working closely or participate in external Open Source projects.